Why millennials need LinkedIn more than ever | Jen Dalton

Recently I spoke to graduate students at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. After the talk, I wanted to share some of the latest findings on recruiting and what matters when it comes to your online brand. Here are some of those thoughts post the event.

Working with senior leaders, from executives to CEOs, always provides a ton of insight. One thing is always true – most individuals over a certain age/demographic tend to not love social media. It takes real focus to paint the picture of how important it is to be online as a leader. However, for millennials, the opposite is true – many of them love being online on channels like Instagram and Snapchat- and yet – they struggle to see the value of LinkedIn at this point in their career. Are the “fake connection requests” on LinkedIn too much? Does it turn millennials off because of the mobile experience? These are all questions I work through on a regular basis with graduate students and young professionals.

The Recruiter is on LinkedIn, You Should Be Too. (read more here)

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