Scholar Papers

Peer Reviewed Publications

Martorana, P.V., Brett, J.M., Tinsley, C.H. (2015). A critical examination of mentorship and sponsorship as a pathway to advancement. Working paper.

Tinsley, C.H., Wade, J., Main, B. G. M., & O’Reilly, C. A. (2016). Gender Diversity on U.S. Corporate Boards: Are We Running in Place? Industrial Labor Relations Review. January 2017, Vol. 70, Issue 1, Pages 160-189.

Tinsley, C.H., Howell, T., & Amanatullah, E. (2015). Who should bring home the bacon?  How gender deterministic views constrain spousal wage preferences. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Making Processes, 126: 37-48.

Amanatullah, E. & Tinsley, C.H. (2013). Ask and ye shall receive?: How gender and status moderate negotiation success. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 6 (4): 253–272.

Amanatullah, E.T. & Tinsley, C.H. (2013). Punishing female negotiators for asserting too much…or not enough: Exploring why advocacy moderates backlash against assertive female negotiators. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 120 (1): 110–122.

Schneider, A.K., Tinsley, C.H., Cheldelin, S., & Amantullah, E.T. (2010). Likability v. competence: The impossible choice faced by female politicians, attenuated by lawyers.  Duke Journal of Gender, Law & Policy, 17 (2): 363-384.

Amantullah, E.T., Morris, M.W. (2010). Negotiating Gender Roles: Gender Differences in Assertive Negotiating Are Mediated by Women’s Fear of Backlash and Attenuated When Negotiating on Behalf of Others.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 98, No. 2, 256–267.

Tinsley, C.H., Cheldelin, S.I., Schneider, A.K., & Amantullah, E.T. (2009). Women at the bargaining table: Pitfalls and prospects. Negotiation Journal, 25 (2): 233-248.

Schneider, A.K., Tinsley, C.H., Cheldelin, S., & Amantullah, E.T. (2009). Leadership and lawyering lessons from the 2008 elections. Hamline Journal of Public Law & Policy, 30: 581-603.

Tinsley, C.H. & Amanatullah, E.A. (2010). Women’s leadership in corporate America. Handbook on Women’s Leadership. Sage Publishers.

Tinsley, C.H., Cheldelin, S.I., & Schneider, A.K. (2009). Negotiating your public identity: Women’s path to the Presidency. In C. Honeyman, J. Coben, & G. De Palo (Eds.)  Rethinking negotiation teaching: Innovations for context and culture.  Pp. 71-87 St. Paul, MN: DRI Press.

Work in Progress

Kugler, A.D., Tinsley, C.H., Okuneva, O. A. Choice of Majors: Are Women Really Different from Men?  NBER Working Paper No. 23735. Issued in August 2017.

Tinsley, C.H., Wade, J., Main, B.G.M., & O’Reilly, C. A. Progress on gender diversity for corporate boards:  Are we running in place? Working paper.

Maratorana, P., Brett, J., & Tinsley, C.H.  Mentoring and the gender gap:  Women’s satisfaction and men’s career advancement.  Working  paper.

Mor, S., Mehta, P., Morris, M.W., Fridman, I., & Amanatullah, E. T. “Gender/professional identity integration promotes women’s negotiation performance via reduced social backlash concerns.” Under Review at Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Shropshire, C., Amanatullah, E. T., James, E. H., Lee, P. M., & Peterson, S. “Risky business…for whom? Gender, self- vs. other-orientation and risk in managerial decision-making.” Under Review at Journal of Management.

Toosi, N. R., Mor, S., Semnani-Azad, Z., Phillips, K. W., & Amanatullah, E. T. “Who can lean in? The intersecting role of culture and gender in negotiation.”Under Review at Organization Science.