2014 – Women in the Workplace

On September 5, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)  and the University of Pittsburgh, with financial support from the Carnegie Bosch Institute at CMU and Georgetown Women’s Leadership Initiative, hosted the “Women in the Workplace: Navigating the Labyrinth” conference.  The event brought together academics and researches to examine the status of current research on gender inequality in business, politics and other cultural settings.

2014-WWP 3

Attendees at the “Women in the Workplace: Navigating the Labyrinth” conference

During the “data blitz” portion of the conference, professor Catherine Tinsley, Executive Director of Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Initiative, gave a presentation on her recent research about “Gender Determinism”, which was co-authored with Taeya M. Howell (New York University) and Emily T. Amanatullah (University of Texas at Austin). (presentation).