Corporate Relationships

The Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Institute, led by Executive Director Dr. Catherine Tinsley, is working with several organizations to help them better understand the role of gender equality in economic growth. To learn more about the partnerships, contact Dr. Tinsley at

GUWLI has partnered with Accenture to develop a roadmap for creating centers of excellence in diversity and inclusion within existing large corporate environments.   The Institute also partnered with Accenture to deliver conferences where individual employees to learn skills to help foster their human and social capital.

Ernst & Young
GUWLI has partnered with Ernst & Young to deliver conferences, networking events and skill building workshops to people wishing to develop their human and social capital.

Kate Spade & Company
GUWLI is partnering with Kate Spade &Company on research to better understand the viability and scope of “On Purpose,” Kate Spade & Company’s most recent endeavor in Rwanda. “On Purpose” is designed to meet the company’s dual objectives by placing women’s economic participation at the forefront of their new trade model.  Unlike traditional non-profit partnerships or donation-based programs, the Kate Spade & Company created “On Purpose” to empower women in a Rwandan village to become economically self-sufficient. GUWLI is helping them to understand whether the program is meeting its stated objective and where and when it may be scalable to other countries and industries.

Morgan Stanley
GUWLI is partnering with Morgan Stanley on research to understand how to enhance women’s participation and leadership in the U.S. financial industries. Through the research, GUWLI is evaluating which programs give the most benefit in retaining and promoting women.

Tinsley is working with the Tupperware Brands Corporation to explore the topic of women and confidence. She spoke about the project at a private luncheon at The World Economic Forum’s 2015 annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
GUWLI conducted research for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on women in all publicly traded companies on the Standard & Poor Index.  The research explores how companies can better incorporate women into their workforce and develop them into the leaders of tomorrow. The report compares the progress made by small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies over the past decade, generally finding that women fare better in large-cap companies.  The report also identifies industries and regions of the country where improvements are needed to fully capitalize on the leadership women can provide.